Our Voiclet Upgrades

Our Voiclet Upgrades

Posted on : 15 Nov, 2022    |    Last Update - 1 year ago   

The following are our Voiclet upgrades.

Front End: Voiclet

  • 50 sub-users/agent
  • No Brand Manager
  • Voiclet Branding

OTO1: Voiclet FastPass

  • This one will unlock all the other otos.

OTO2: Voiclet Professional 

  • Unlimited Sub-users instead of 50 sub-user in the front end
  • Access to Streamr Meeting Transcription app
  • No Voiclet Branding
  • No Brand Manager

OTO3: Voiclet VIP

  • Agency resources.

OTO4: Voiclet Platinum

  • Allow customers to create unlimited brands.
  • BrandCustomers can add unlimited brand sub-users.
  • BrandManager

OTO5: Voicely

  • Access to Voicely

OTO6: Vidtoon

  • Access to Vidtoon™


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